See Why Americans Support ‘Medicare For All’ Proposal – Affordable Health Insurance Illinois


‘Medicare For All’ is a universal healthcare plan, where the plan puts an emphasis on all Americans access to healthcare regardless of their income. It builds on the success of Medicare and Affordable Care Act (ACA) with a motive to bring America’s health care system in line. One wouldn’t deny the fact that in the present day, the healthcare insurance plan is mainly linked to the employment (i.e. those who can afford it). Medicare for all is a single prayer ‘Medicare For All’ system that would also cover unemployed Americans, new business owners, one who stay with parents, new business startups and all those people who haven’t received any health insurance.


What ‘Medicare for all’ will cover for Americans?


‘Medicare For All’ ensure a prominent healthcare from the preferred healthcare provider. You don’t have to worry about whether the provider comes under your network or not, and certainly keeps your expense at ground level. In fact, Medicare for all saves you from copays or deductibles. With ‘Medicare For All’ an average middle-class family would save around $5,800 per year and wouldn’t have to deal with insurance companies. This certainly makes healthcare a hassle-free quest and even saves you from arguments over claims.


‘Medicare for All’ covers promising healthcare products and services. Some of them are listed below:


• Inpatient and outpatient health care services
• Emergency, non-emergency and preventive healthcare & treatment.
• Primary and specialty health care, which also includes comforting and long-term care
• vision, hearing, and oral health care and preventive
• Mental health care and addiction services
• Prescription medicine and treatment
• Diagnostic tests
• Medical equipment and supplies


How ‘Medicare For All’ Would Impact Individuals In The United States? Medicare for All will change the nation’s health care system and will be concise to a single, public insurance system. The plan promises to reduce healthcare spending at a significant rate and aims to serve the community better without any negative impact on America’s economy. To explore all your healthcare and Medicare supplemental insurance in Ohio and Illinois, do make your next stop at