In the Identity regarding Like/Free Your face

At the time of Seasons Five, the brand new long lasting pair have finally separated due to Mike perhaps not being able to handle good way relationship and you will Tina however within McKinley. Tina however seems highly on the him, also got his name tattooed on her behalf. Regarding Role You had been Born to experience, Mike productivity so you’re able to McKinley immediately following becoming named by the Finn and you will Artie to greatly help choreograph towards songs with Mercedes permitting to your voice. This will make Tina most frustrated however in Glease, they work anything out together with her however they nevertheless are not several.  

For the Season Six it get back towards the relationships out of Santana and Brittany and you may Kurt and you will Blaine and moving with her during the reception. 


Towards the ballad assignment, Tina at random brings Mike’s title from the cap and so the two be lovers. Tina phone calls Mike “Almost every other Asian” and you can Mike looks upset. Their actual overall performance wasn’t elaborated up on and is also unknown whatever they done or if perhaps they performed sing at all. At the end of the fresh new abilities away from Slim on Me Mike enjoys his arm to Tina. (Ballad)

Tina and Artie was indeed originally gonna would with her, however, Artie urges Tina to decide various other lover alternatively. Eventually, she favor Mike since the the lady companion therefore the several tap dance as Artie sings Fantasy a small Fantasy. (Fantasy Towards the)

He is viewed carrying give about hallway, moving together with her in the choir place, and you can status alongside one another while watching Sunshine’s audition to possess Happiness Club. This can be as well as the very first time they kiss. (Audition)

The 2 show a beneficial toothy kiss just after learning that they each other has impeccably clean teeth. They are later viewed cuddling/swaying for the overcome when you find yourself Rachel sings Really the only Exception. (Britney/Brittany)

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