I’m currently struggling with a similar thing

head sensation

I’m not sure if or not their somehow about the latest flu which Really don’t be seemingly slightly more than, or something like that more. I additionally apparently keep in mind which have some thing comparable just last year when We first started decreasing that have thought CFS/Myself. New ‘tender spot’ fundamentally fixed itself on its own. You will find pointed out that they does hurt a lot more when i prod within the city. As the someone else have explained, it feels as though people is actually move my personal locks. We have plus had just what end up being to be small class concerns moving within the straight back of my head. This feels more although. It’s more of a losing/pulling/bruised experience. Very hard to establish.

Oh, and the one who advised that this can be psychosomatic, please remove the head for the. Lyme was once ‘psychosomatic’. MS was previously ‘psychosomatic’. Continue reading “I’m currently struggling with a similar thing”