I Tried Hinge And This Is Everything I Learnt

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I like to think of myself as a soldier for the single woman, nothing appeals to me less than accounting for another person’s whims and wishes when I barely have time for my own nonsense. However, if there’s ever been a time to question my commitment to singledom, it’s during the festive season.

First, there’s the PDA couples that go into overdrive in December, not just at your local Chistmas Market but online too (#boydidgood!!). Then comes those tense family gatherings where at least one auntie didn’t get the modern-day feminism memo and starts interrogating you about marriage and kids over the roast potatoes. And don’t get me started on the festive romcoms. like I love them, but why do they make me want to move to Los Angeles and fall in love with a music producer while giving physiotherapy to my old frail neighbour?? Continue reading “I Tried Hinge And This Is Everything I Learnt”