Ty Lee appeared to keeps understood Zuko as their very early teens

[12] Whenever she joined Azula and you will Mai, [4] it observed Zuko and you will Iroh around the world trying to recapture him or her. She seemed to accept your with no objections through to their return of exile, [14] and also vacationed which have him including Mai and Azula in order to Ember Area. [1] When stress flower, Zuko entitled the lady an effective “circus nut” and berated the woman on her behalf limitless optimism, resulting in her to enhance emotional and you may compelling the girl to disclose their aspects of joining the fresh new circus. She exhausted him, in addition to the someone else, to the publicly discussing his grounds for their present rage. Like the girl relatives, Ty Lee sympathized which have Zuko’s inner disorder and frustration. [1] Once she and Azula escaped to another gondola while in the a battle having Zuko with his allies, leaving him or her having dry, she seemed uncomfortable and you will concerned, for Zuko who enjoys dropped to help you his death at that go out got it not been having Mai’s quick intervention. [7]

Annually adopting the prevent of one’s Hundred-year Combat, Ty Lee inserted other Kyoshi Fighters in the protecting Zuko on account of multiple murder efforts against the new fire Lord, [13] and you can she went on to safeguard him the following years. [11]

Former foes

Hailing throughout the Flames Nation and you may section of Azula’s party, Ty Lee is actually a natural enemy of your own Avatar. [5] Yet not, the girl animosity into the Aang is only according to those people orders. Continue reading “Ty Lee appeared to keeps understood Zuko as their very early teens”