Yu Han Sung: He was attempt movie director of second Floor

Viole seems to discover the woman since a way to obtain guidance and you may requires her words to help you heart when she admonishes your to have his behavior when dealing with Rachel. It should be listed, you to definitely despite Baam are reunited together with family members regarding the flooring away from take to, Hwa Ryun nevertheless just phone calls him Viole.

Historically, it looks Baam’s experience of Light has actually turned a small bearable, just like the Baam appeared prepared to faith your and you may Light encouraging Baam to make use of the effectiveness of the new souls into the him thus the guy you will definitely ideal challenge Kallavan

The guy first suits Baam in the 2nd flooring due to the fact a test manager, while Baam will get betrayed from the Rachel and that is leftover alone, he could be one that will teach Baam together with Ha Jinsung. He mentioned that if Baam doesn’t become slayer applicant, they will destroy out-of his family unit members, you start with Rachel. He teaches Baam of a lot experiences associated with revolution managing, even though Baam cannot including playing with them. Continue reading “Yu Han Sung: He was attempt movie director of second Floor”