It works well to get more cutting-edge innovation setups

With this means, you simply tell esbuild to suffice the brand new contents of the newest outdir instead giving it any extra posts to help you serve. Instance, you may want to use NGINX as a contrary proxy so you’re able to station additional routes to help you ent (age.grams. /static/ in order to NGINX, /api/ in order to node, /js/ to esbuild, etc.). Having fun with esbuild with this approach looks like so it:

New API call-in these analogy carry out suffice brand new obtained contents of src/application.js at just just as in the first method, all the HTTP request may cause esbuild to rebuild your password and you may last the latest variation therefore out.js are still up to date. The HTML file (prepared by other internet servers for the some other port) you will upcoming source new compiled document from your own HTML in this way:

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