Taurus and you will Leo Being compatible: Sex and Love

The latest Leo Zodiac

Leo was governed from the sunshine, brand new smartest star within our Solar system. Leos are known to be bold, bright, and often seeking to appeal. He’s got a pretty large pride and frequently imagine very away from on their own, constantly switching on new attraction inside social facts, so they are able become focus. Leo’s icon try a good lion, symbolizing energy, courage, appeal, and you will rulings of the center.

Leo try a flame sign, and thus they are somewhat brilliant, intimate, enthusiastic, and you will warm. He’s pure-produced leaders, eager to possess satisfaction, affection, and you can appeal. He’s obviously personal pets and you can artists at heart. Since the a fixed sign, Leo craves stability and you can shelter. It delight in being in dating consequently they are extremely proud of on their own and you will that which you obtained completed. At the the poor, they’re inflexible and you can stubborn.

Personality traits from a good Leo

Leos tend to have huge egos that needs to be fed. He has a beneficial flaming identification: challenging, effective, bright, funny. Also most intimate and you may ample, and so they get satisfaction in that. At the terrible, they are a little too pompous, inflexible/persistent, commonly set themselves very first occasionally, just in case they wish to waste time along with you, it is because they really have to.

A beneficial Leo boy desires be treated instance a king. He enjoys merchandise–offering and obtaining–and you can wishes somebody who’s appropriate for your and whom looks good that have your. He could be some pleasant and just could have a lot of suitors pining to have him. However, in the event that he loves you, he’s going to feel dedicated, and when Leos going, they’re going to never stray. Continue reading “Taurus and you will Leo Being compatible: Sex and Love”