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Does Your Health Insurance Plan Cover What Others Don’t? Know It To Avoid Unwise Decision…!!


The majority of people count on affordable health insurance to safeguard from massive medical costs during critical health conditions. But there’s a lot that even the best healthcare insurance plans don’t cover such as out-of-the-network doctors, expensive treatments and the list goes on. Since the medical insurance plan is considered as a vital investment decision, it becomes imperative to know the key points. It will eventually help with safeguarding from unexpected scenarios or financial hardship.


• Network of hospitals your healthcare plan covers – Make sure your hospital & other medical providers are accepting your health insurance plan.


• Ambulatory Patient Services – Also known as outpatient services, it includes the cost of diagnosis, consultation, observation, intervention, treatment and rehabilitation.


• Does your healthcare plan cover emergency services? Your health insurance policies should also cover the cost of emergency care as an immediate precaution in case of an adverse scenario.


• Maternity and Newborn Care – This includes the coverage of maternity expenses incurred before and after the child birth.


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