The season Ky Duyen try Skip Vietnam

It is very an outward display screen from beauty getting Skip Vietnam 2014 to show their own “autobiography”, a collection of all tale in the herself presented in order to “on line watchers”. This work matches the primary factor in confession considering Foucault (2003): “cam the case, do so consistently and sometimes, and do it in the exposure out-of contrasting anyone else”.

More over, about age social media, Facebook and you may Instagram try indispensable systems which offer countless chances to define and you will display screen all of our real features inside several formats: thanks to conditions, photographs videos, etc. It is possible to enhance all of our autobiography to follow along with the new “for example cost savings”, to draw notice, validation and you will loves away from on the web watchers. Blommaert describes the newest cultural impression of them affordances in lens away from Foucault’s behave as observe: “The majority of everything we try enjoy accomplish into the social networking, We propose, spins within structure regarding an excellent “long lasting autobiography” inside the Foucault’s experience: a series away from small and huge veridictional narratives by means of and that we tell you our selves so you’re able to other people just like the “true”, “real”, “authentic” and you can – produced from you to – “likable”, “cool”, “attractive” or what not” (Blommaert, 2017). Continue reading “The season Ky Duyen try Skip Vietnam”