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  • Depending on the 2001 Census, this new average property value a home is $134,100 given that 2000 average annual income from a young men adult with the full-year complete-time employment was $37,eight hundred. Hypothetically, a beneficial 75% financial toward an average respected house would want the young adult to expend twenty-five% of its earnings with the home loan repayments towards a sealed 5-season financial at markets home loan interest levels. During the 1971, an early man doing work complete-year complete-go out which have a median earnings, buying an average-valued house carry out hypothetically have to purchase 20% off his earnings on mortgage repayments at the markets interest.
  • Beaujot, Roentgen. 2004. “Put-off life transitions: Manner and you can ramifications” Contemporary Loved ones Style. Vanier Institute of the Loved ones. Utilized .

Full-day complete-year work – worked full-going back to about 49 weeks over the last season

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