Feet fetish (podophilia): a foot fetishist has base sexually

Flame enjoy: a type of boundary enjoy that involves flame and you will flames. Kinksters is careful that have locks, that can burn and you will smelling dreadful (think shaving very first). Fire/temperature are contrasted with cool/ice. Flames enjoy would be hazardous.

Fisting: the latest act away from entrance which have an entire give. In place of title ways, your partner is always to start with the give upright and you will flash tucked significantly less than their hands eg a good duck statement. Shortly after he inserts his knuckles � the new widest part of their hands � he can curl his fingertips on a fist/basketball shape. Fisting demands big date, determination, trust and some lubricant. Continue reading “Feet fetish (podophilia): a foot fetishist has base sexually”